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about mldr's 1st responder's series

The MLDR First Responders Series is an initiative created to collaborate with first responders nationwide, aiming to foster community unity through organized events. This series enables police departments, fire departments, and other related organizations to connect positively with their communities, enhancing camaraderie and promoting charitable activities.

our Tour

The MLDR USA Tour is an opportunity for our company to introduce drone racing to communities across the nation. This tour is crafted to establish a sports entertainment platform and to educate communities about the exciting world of MLDR.

The teams

Each team in the MLDR First Responders Series may include members from Police Departments, Fire Departments, and other relevant organizations, with each team representing their specific region as the premier MLDR First Responder racing team. This series offers a structured competitive framework, enabling teams to participate in drone racing events at state, regional, and national levels, all vying for the title of First Responders Champion.

1st responder's championship series

Each First Responder event will be structured into two main segments: the initial half will feature competition among first responders, followed by a halftime show. The event will then conclude with MLDR professional pilots either competing in their respective races or defending their titles in the First Responders Championship.

Kids Karrol

MLDR Presents: City of Moore Police Drone Racing Open to Benefit “OK Kids Korral: Toby Keith Foundation” Purse: TBA March 16, 2024 Expo: 10 AM Charity Race: 5 PM Main Race: 7 PM Location: 300 N. Eastern Moore, OK 73160 General Ticket Price: $12 Early Bird Price: $10

MLDR Presents: Phoenix Drone Racing Open, Benefiting Phoenix Police Foundation Purse: Date: Spring, 2024 Time: TBA Location: General Ticket Price: $12 Early Bird Price: $10

More Events are to be announced.

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