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Major League Drone Racing(MLDR) is a professional American Drone Racing League, World Wide Sports Entertainment, and Branding Company. The league is currently in development and will consist of 32 teams, divided equally between the Western Drone Racing Conference (WDRC) and the Eastern Drone Racing Conference (EDRC).

"Drone racing turns flying drones into a competitive sport. Drone operators wear a head-mounted display such as goggles that connect directly to a camera on board the drone they are flying. This camera transmits a Livestream feed from the drone to the headset meaning the pilot can navigate from the drone’s eye view."

The Phoenix Falcons and the Arizona Desert Hawks are two of the Major League Drone Racing(MLDR) franchises. Both were established in the year 2021 and are the only two teams in the state of Arizona. Both teams are a part of the MLDR Western conference.

The MLDR Plans to start its first season in the year 2025 with pre-seasonal tournaments throughout the years 2023 and 2024.

The Phoenix Falcons & Arizona Hawks will go head to head for the very first time at a professional sports venue in front of a live audience.

Founder & CEO

Richard A.
The Team

Board Member

Henry J.

Board Member

Theodore R.
Holloway III

Chief Technology Officer


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VP of Talent Relations

VP of Broadcast Operations

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